Roys Reputation

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He talks alot, fights well, and sings well -Ciara

He has shiny things, and when he doesnt have shinies, he sings, its lots and lots and lots of fun, and he’s invincmable. – Creena

Behind the singing and foppishness, there’s a… surprisingly tactical mind. Whether the others admit it or not, we all owe him more than I think we realise. Just don’t tell him I said that. – Dar

He’s very cute. He sings. He shops. He claims to be over 1000 years old due to a time warp billing problem.

Sometimes, when he feels like it, he dresses like a pretty, pretty princess.

Acquired a cloak that will turn him into a REAL WOMAN at will. This is however somewhat redundant… -Nahtar


Tempus has laid the smack down on Roy for claiming to be his voice.

Among other things.

The god must have filed a formal complaint because Roy’s patron Milil has taken away all of Roy’s bardic abilities. Roy must now atone to both Milil and Tempus before he is forgiven. Nahtar has helpfully volunteered space within his tower for a shrine and statue of Milil as an apology. -Nahtar

Roys Reputation

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