Order of the Arches

Soon after the Empire of Dunbar was formed, it was almost rent asunder by a war with the elves and the dwarves. It was ended with a treaty which turned to mutual respect between the races. To make sure that another war would not happen all three races were granted the right to make an archway into each others palaces that members of thier races would always be protected and welcomed thru. The human Dunbarian palace has a dwarven stonework arch and an elvin silver, gold and wooden arch, the dwarven stronghold has a Human bricked arch and an elven silver, gold and wooden arch, and in the elvin tree top palace there is a human bricked archway and a dwarven stoneworked one. To ensure these arches are never infringed upon they were instilled with great magics by the highest mages of all three races and preists of many shared gods.

Also an order was formed with members form all three races as well as half-elves and halflings and several other races as well. The order swears loyalty and a fel blood oath not to any empire but to peace, at any cost. They vow to make sure that no war between the three races ever happens again. If that means killing a king r emperor who is attempting to start a war then that is thier job. After all other ways of maintaining peace have been exhausted.

They also maintain peace with other races affiliated. They are imune to charm spells and several other magics due to the fel oath and the brand they wear on thier hands and on necklaces of the three arches in a triumverate. They are welcome in all three empires and even as mediators on the other 2 continents.they are welcome as mediators all over the land and thier brands also when needed have a calming effect that they can use to calm a heated negotiation tho it will not MAKE anyone do anything.

If a member were to betray thier trust they would desolve, simply desolve. and then live in an eternity of pain in the abyss. Any alignment can be in the arches tho the evil ones tend to not make good negotiators, however there have been a few members who were lawfull evil.

Order of the Arches

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