Mist Dragons

What we know

A group of these live north of Ciara’s Duchy in a damaged cave system lair. Ciara enjoys a loose non-aggression pact with them that protects her people and land from their predations.

In practice, it’s a very beneficial alliance as Ciara of Dunbar has been lax in posting No Trespassing signs. Krondorian scout patrols have been known to vanish into fog banks that form in broad daylight on otherwise clear days.

Why post signs aren’t the mountains enough warning?- Ciara

And maybe the army of orcs and humans a warning too? – Nahtar

Nope, the dwarves mountains they must pass through serve as warning, if they fail to heed that, my people will drive the lesson home through them.- Ciara

I don’t know what the Mist dragons are getting for this.

A mutually beneficial arrangement, and it is a mixed colony of Mist Dragons and FireDrakes, I have a permanent border patrol/dragon liason in the area – Ciara

What sort of business arrangement are dragons interested in? – Nahtar

Ones that amuse them, and or benefit them- Ciara

There is a small kobold presence in the area as they are huge dragon groupies. Likely they enjoy the same protection as other creatures in Ciara’s lands.

Kobolds are generally evil, evil is not tolerated- Ciara


Why more than one dragon, much less a group? Are they family? Friends? What are they doing there? We saw no trove in their cave; yet dragons universally have treasure hordes.

Mist Dragons

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