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Group Loot

Ingenious Devices – artcat organizing again – discombobulator inside

Order of the Arches – red May 7 – lotsa juicy content – Nahtar May 7

Guilds -artcat – May 6 – Looking forward to this being filled out! – Nahtar May 7

Ciara and Kobold Negotiations – Ciara and Kliff – May 5- 6 – I’m on this – Nahtar May -7 8

Death Metal – Nahtar – April 20

Mist Dragons – Nahtar – April 20

Gnome – Nahtar – April 20 – I invite Gregor, Red, and Ciara to add impressions. (roy added his thoughts despite the invitation snub). Corrected the formatting issue (artcat)

Nahtar’s Least Word of Summoning – Nahtar – April 20

Krondor – Gregor – April 20

Edward’s Black Tentacles -Gregor

Blessing of Milil – Nahtar – April 20

The Adventurers – All PC’s are listed in here, or at least this is a first attempt

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