Fig. 1 Typical Krondorian greeting/domestic dispute resolution.

An aggressive xenophobic kingdom to the north of Dunbar. Populated entirely by dishonorable Krondorians and slaves after Gregor Von StraĊĦen defeated the last honorable man in Krondor on the field of battle.

The people’s of Krondor enjoy many hobbies such as: Enslaving “lesser races”, genocide, invading peaceful kingdoms, making inferior weapons, being entirely too close to horses and generally being malevolent.

When not making pacts with evil gods or buggering livestock, the Krondorian on the street can expect a daily spectacle of bloody arena combat.

Ofttimes mistaken for Nazis, the krondorians would take offense to this as the german army was just regular guys following orders, not a psychotic evil murder-rape army.

Krondorian mages are currently designing a Bane/horse hybrid they believe to be the perfect creature; allowing for mutual super buggery and transcendence to the highest plane of awful fullness1.

1 I attempted to write awfulness but the spell checker suggested that instead. I find it more appropriate.


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