Yes, behold lord Gregor, the rock, the hard place, like a wind from the wildlands he sweeps by blown far from his homeland in search of gore and glory, we walk… in the garden… of his turpulence! I first met him atop a mountain near Dwarvenhome, praying to Tempus, his God, asking his favor in the next battle. Next, he amazed me still further in Easton when he made a lizardman into a puppet, and used its lifeless body to obliterate its companions. In Krondor he spent a year incognito just his lordship lily and with no more ado, I give to you, the seeker of berserking, the oblitorator of lizard soldiers, the enforcer of his Lord Tempus, the one, the only, Lord Gregor Von Strasen! – Roy O’Bannon

He’ll stick a thumb in each of your eyes, and clam shell your head open.

No pearls yet.

No reason to stop searching, though.

Once simply a rich boy on a dead end quest to find the Vorpal Pebble. [[:gregorvonstrašen | Gregor Von Strašen]] fell in with the forces of good and longs to make them the Disciples of Awesome for the greater glory of Tempus. Has a fel blood oath to the Emperor of Dunbar.

Despite his best efforts to provide a paragon of brilliance on the field of overly dramatic killing, most of the party seems content to simply rely on magic items and crack cocaine Hero’s Powder to get the job done. That is until a recent recruit caught his eye by expanding like a microwaved bar of Ivory™ Soap to impale her enemies. She may become his understudy if she survives long enough.

It has been theorized that his bag of holding holds over 9000 different weapons.

This grainy sending shows the last images from an outlying patrol opposing Gregor.


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