Ciara and Kobold Negotiations

Response to the Lady Ciara of Dunbar from Chief Kliff of the Kobolds

I am most grateful for your offer of neutral ground, and I gladly accept. I should like to know the time of our meeting so that I might prepare myself and my sub-chiefs. I believe it is traditional in many of the surface cultures to have an exchange of gifts between leaders. I would include yourself, Liad, and Rod the Steward in such a list, though I must know the number and types of other leaders to attend.

For my own part I would bring Warchief Grimjaw, Gardenchief Greenteeth, and Vicechief Griffin.

I eagerly anticipate our meeting, Lady Ciara.

Ciara’s response (dictated):

Chief Kliff of the Kobolds, As a loyal citizen of the empire, and new duchess, my steward feels strongly that Liad be brought to the discussions. What you propose counts as a treaty, and all treaties must be approved by the Empire of Dunbar. Liad has offered to be a mediator in this, he has no issues with the Kobolds, and has my utmost respect. He extends the offer of his wagon as neutral ground, along with transportation to the meeting, he demands no weapons or magic will be allowed outside his own. The dwarves, and druids will be present as any agreement I make with you directly effects them. If you cannot agree to this, I will not consider a nonaggression pact. I cannot in good faith make decisions that effect more than my people without allowing them (Dwarves and Druids) to speak .

Respectfully, -Ciara of Dunbar

Ciara has asked that Nahtar help her interpret Kliffy’s note.

-makes wisdom check…rattle rattle… (FAIL)

Well, he’s pissed about something. More than normal, I mean. He’s being pretty polite about it, though. He’s not usually quite so nice.

-rattle rattle…(SUCCESS!)

He’s not just inviting your sisters over for a meet and greet. I bet what he really wants with your sisters and her people is so he has hostages to ensure his safety.

-rattle rattle…(SUCCESS!)

My guess is he wants to make you drop the whole castle meeting proposition by demanding something he knows you won’t do, namely risk your sisters. He’d rather have neutral ground.

-rattle rattle…(SUCCESS! NATURAL 1!)

No…wait. I missed something. He doesn’t expect that…hmm…he doesn’t actually have…much to lose either way, really, if you look at it. Either you can clam up and call his bluff on the hostages, in which case he ends up in the tower like he wanted. Or, maybe he’s – he gets something that’s actually valuable to you held in trust, and also he knows that you’re serious.

I mean, I know you’re solid as a rock when it comes to your word. But he’s got no way of knowing that, for sure, so he’s asking for collateral.

Both choices are pretty good options. Meeting in the castle is clearly more ambitious, seeing as how there’s much more at stake with all your allies there. And your sisters being with the kobolds, too. I suppose the only downside is if your allies really do flip, like he thinks they will, I mean, if some dwarf goes all ax crazy on Kliff, well then I wouldn’t hold out much hope for your sisters and their men.

Kliff, Kobold leader, responds to Lady Ciara of Dunbar as follows {personally written}

I have erred in my communications, and for that I offer most humble apologies. Perhaps it was not made clear in my last missive that I wish our meeting to be on neutral ground. While I appreciate the Lady Ciara’s interpretation of neutral ground as a massive fortress filled with armed troops, powerful magic users, and dwarves, I feel I must respectfully disagree on that point.

I also commend The Lady Ciara of Dunbar on the ambition to invite many of our historical enemies to such a meeting. Such a supreme confidence in oneself is decidedly in your favor so far as I am concerned. I’m sure that The Lady Ciara will, upon the dwarfs, druids, and rangers wholesale slaughter of me and my kind, bring about a most terrible scolding to them after the fact.

If you really and truly believe in your subject’s and ally’s loyalties, as I do in mine, then you should have no problem supplying your own delegation to the realm of the kobolds. As I intend to meet you with my assistant and guards, I suggest a similar group to consist of two of your sisters and their retainers. They can be kind enough to show up unarmed, and will be treated to our full courtesy while we are treated to yours.

Otherwise – Neutral ground. No druids. No rangers. No dwarves.

Yours most kindly and respectfully, Kliff.

Per GM, this will have to be RP’d in person

Lady Ciara of Dunbar’s response as follows, (dictated):
Kliffy, your interest in a nonaggression pact with my Duchy is one I’m willing to consider, given your tribes recent actions under Nahtar. Both the Hill Dwarves, Druids (and their rangers) will have representatives in attendance as well. The druids are well known for their neutrality and ability as mediators.
Given this time of war, my keep will be the meeting location. I give you my word of honor that your folks emissaries will be met at my borders by an armed escort, led by my sister Riona. The flag of truce will be honored. This protection extends to an escort concluding our talks negotiations. Given that we are at war, I hope you understand the precaution for your peoples safety and mine. If negotiations go well, your escort back to the border will serve as an introduction to my people of your people. Again, I understand your desire for neutral territory, but I give you my word that truce will be honored till we are done negotiating and you are safely escorted off my lands, or an agreement is reached.
I will give my word to any major terms of the pact that are agreed upon, not an intermediary. A counteroffer to your terms of agreement will be issued. I am sending your letter missive on to my Rod the Steward, and General Yarp, Captain of the guard for further study. Rod the Stewardand Nahtar can work together to coordinate the location you will enter from, and timing. -x (Ciara of Dunbar)

Kliffy has expressed interest in a non-aggression pact with Ciara, and the lands and people under her control.

Kliffy’s requirements:
  1. Any meeting shall be held at a neutral location under a flag of truce.
  2. Ciara will personally agree to any major terms, and give her word. An intermediary is not acceptable; not even a superior.
Ciara’s response:
  1. Yes/No?
  2. Yes/No?
Kliffy’s Terms of Aggreement:
  1. Kobolds under Kliffy’s leadership will not be harrassed by Ciara’s people so long as they abide by the terms of this agreement.
  2. Kobolds may move freely underground so long as they do not interfere with already established mining operations. Nor will they create new underground passages beneath already established structures.
  3. Kobolds may hunt above ground so long as they do not do so in excess of the local population’s practices. They will not hunt domestic livestock whatsoever.
  4. Kobolds may gather plants from above ground so long as they do not do so in excess of the local population’s practices. They will not gather from agriculture whatsoever.
  5. Kliffy will be provided a representative of Ciara in high standing with her, and with the authority to speak in her name. Major agreements will still require Ciara personally.
  6. Kliffy will provide a representative in high standing with him, and with the authority to speak in his name. Major agreements will still require Kliffy personally.
  7. Ciara’s people may move freely underground so long as they abide by the provisions previously given to hunting and farming. They will not hunt Kobold livestock or gather from Kobold agricultural projects.
  8. Ciara’s people will not enter a kobold settlement without permission.
  9. Kliffy’s people will not enter one of Ciara’s settlements without permission.

Ciara and Kobold Negotiations

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