Blessing of Milil

Milil, naked at the time (PLUS 10!), gave Nahtar a blessing after he agreed with her assesment of Roy’s blasphemy (PLUS 20!) and proceeded to redact his bardic abilities (PLUS 30!!).

Yes, Roy’s smack down is better than the naked goddess of song and poetry.

Anyway, this blessing was referred to as “a shot in the arm…for the ladies”. Other would have seen an implied insult to their charisma. Nahtar knows how to take legitimate criticism, though. He appreciates all the help he can get.

It’s not so much a problem with strength, or stamina, and he’s got the whole elf look going on. It’s more a personality issue. An example:

“Hey beautiful. I saw you sitting there and thought a good looking girl like you would go great with a handsome, powerful, and wealthy genius like myself. On second thought, maybe you should convince me. What am I doing asking you? Well, I’m humble enough to admit my mistakes. Bye.” – Nahtar, the lady’s man.

He has yet to discover what, if any, effect it has.

Blessing of Milil

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