The Imperial Wrecking Crew

Portal to a New Land
Destiny awaits the crew on the open sea

After finding their way to the port, the crew boards a Dunbarian vessel in route for the distant Indoponese continent. Our mission is to find and eliminate the source of Krondorian airship technology.

The trip is fraught with danger. Gith pirates and sea creatures assault us. Eventually, we find our way to an island stronghold of Tempus where countless cursed objects are stored. While the temple itself is safe, the crabmen who tend it are under attack from harpies and sirenes. After defeating the beasts, who call upon a terrible Giant Octopus, we make our way to their treasure trove of countless riches.

Content with the safety of the island, we set out further towards the continent.

The Ironworks
Collapsing mountain? Not the first. Not the last.

The group manages to reach their goal. First, they kidnap the chief Krondorian engineer and his family. The Krondorians are surprisingly willing to go, and reveal that this type of thing has happened before.

After that, things get violent. The Ironworks is assaulted under cover of darkness. Numerous guards die. However, they’re not the main problem. The massive slave population, many thousands, must be evacuated before the facility can be destroyed.

A recovered amulet provides the key as Nahtar reluctantly seizes control over thousands of slaves to order them out. The signal is sent to Liad, and he descends in the massive stolen Krondorian airship. After the last of the slaves is aboard the group takes the ground route out while Krondor’s greatest military asset crumbles beneath their feet.

The Imperial Wrecking Crew has wrecked well this day.

Next stop – a port city. It turns out that Krondorian technology originates in a far off land, and it must be tracked and destroyed if there is to be any peace.

The Infiltration of Krondor
We buy slaves...for justice!

The Krondorians are indeed unaware of The Imperial Wrecking Crew’s presence. The illusion is maintained with Roy posing as a powerful foreign merchant prince. Purporting to trade in wine, the complete lack of any wine to trade rears it’s ugly head. Only some fast talking from Roy, and the occasional cunning distraction of his giant babbling eunuch servant, saves the day.

The Crew sees Krondorian horror and cruelty at its worse inside a gladiatorial slave city. Reluctantly, they are forced to compromise impeccable moral character and good taste by purchasing slaves, bribery, and gladiatorial attendance.

Roy is personally assigned the slave gladiator Dar, who quickly learns of the group’s true mission. Things go badly when Gerune makes a second attempt to enlighten another purchased slave. The magic binding him is far more crushing than what binds gladiators, and the slave almost loses his mind.

The group is almost exposed again when elven wizard Nahtar, posing as Roy’s steward, encounters a Banite bounty hunter wearing a necklace of elven ears. Things might have degenerated into open combat, but the bounty hunter leaves town that night. He neglected to tell his allies, though, and they worriedly search for him. Perhaps Nahtar’s disrespectful reply, “I don’t know where the hell he is”, prompts them to search the wagon. Only an enraged Roy and hysterical Gregor convince them otherwise without starting a full fledged battle.

Required to leave the city that night, the group continues on towards their goal: The Ironworks.

Begin the siege of Krondor!

The wagon is upgraded with stables, special horses, and even more important – a primitive spelljamming helm. The helm allows passage over steep grades, rough terrain, and even small canyons.

We are instructed to attack Krondor’s main ironworks. Rescue the slaves, then raze it to the ground. A path is cleared and the journey begins.

An outlying tower is encountered shortly after entering Krondor. It is utterly leveled by Gregor and his Hammer of Tempest. Surviving troops flee the rubble in terror only to be cut down by the Crew. One poor soul finds the upgraded wagon can now lurch short distances by goosing its helm. Crushed.

The Crew regroups to continue on. There were no survivors, so with luck Krondor remains ignorant of the attack for a little longer.

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