Roys Songbook

Roy's Infamous Songs


The Lass Called Rayne
Rayne, The lass they call Rayne,
She fights for the reach and she fights for the poor,
She stands up to the bad, and gives it what for,
Our love for her now aint hard to explain,
The hero of Centron, the lass they call Rayne

Now here is what separates heroes
From common folk like you and I,
That lass they call Rayne, now let me speak plain,
Mens hearts doth inflame,
her armor it fits like a glove,
tell me what’s not to love?

Snarly the Dragon
Snarly the dragon goes chomp chomp chomp,
Snarly the dragon goes chomp chomp chomp,
Snarly the dragon tears limb from limb,
Snarly the dragon has a full tummy,
Snarly the dragon has a full tummy,
Snarly the dragon has to sleep sleep sleep

Sleepy Dragonthings
Go to sleep, got to sleep, sweet little scaly things,
Your eyes grow heavy, the day grows cold,
We want to loot your gold.

Don’t Eat Me
Oh say can’t you see, I am skinny, please dont eat me.
I am thrown fr from my time, so technically am I even – err umm want some wine?
If you eat me, I will be sad, and my party members mad or glad.
Err well, I hope they will avenge me… umm where was I, oh yes, please don’t eat me.

Odd Bedfellows
Oh the road was long,
and the mage was strong.
The halfling man was lonely,
well then one night, after a fight,
The mage he grew more longing,
Oh whoa is me, the mage on knees, the wee mans eyes grew bugging,
Oh how sad, to be so hard for a shag… ugh , the smell so bad.

The Trusty Barmaid Song/Weapon against sirens
I don’t know if thou can see
the effect thou dost have over me
In these last few days I’ve been afraid
That I might sail away
I’ve told you stories, and sung you songs,
That make me ponder where you came from
And that’s the reason why I sing
So wholeheartedly today

Let me tell you that I love you
That I think about you all the time
Now you’re calling to me
Your siren song

(next section for dangerous beauties only)
now if you should become a danger
know that it would make me more than sad
Oh your siren songs worth all I’ve ever had

Now I have sung and I’ve kept on singing
Hit the notes that needed hitting
Played the lute as it needed playing
Sing songs along the way
I have kissed the maidens and left them crying
Stolen dreams, yes there’s no denying
I have traveled hard sometimes caution flying,
Somewhere in the wind

Now I’m sitting here lute strings crying
Fighting those now dead and dying,
The flames that could not get any higher
They’ve withered now they’ve gone
But I’m steady thinking my way is clear
And I know what I will do tomorrow
When the hands are shaken and the kisses flow
Then I will disappear


Roys Songbook

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