The Great Roy O'Bannon, Lord Wyatt Earp

My tongue is quick, as is my wit, my sword.. it is still faster


Awesome is as awesome does

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The awe inspiring Bards past is a mystery, but his importance is great. Why else would a demigod drag him, his horseTroll , and his fellow Guard Giller, 1,000 years into the future and a continent away from home? Obviously its to save the Imperial Wrecking crew from their own devices, no matter how ungrateful they are.

The Goddess Milil has charged this humble mortal with still greater duties Teach Jierhan and Ciara to read and write, as a form of reparation to the power god Tempus. The goddess Milil has also charge this bard to build a glorious temple to celebrate Milils radiant greatness, oh and save the world.

Currently this humble man is a hero on two continents.

This reknowned Bard is most distinctive in his fine if severely outdated clothing of an exotic cut, a horribly broken nose, hideously ugly horse Troll , Golden Sword, and antique Mandolin. Infamous Roys Songbookincludes “Chompy the Dragon” and “the lass they call rayne”

The Great Roy O'Bannon, Lord Wyatt Earp

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