Sir Ulrich Van Der Mer

Former Head Merchant of Easton, (deceased)


Late Husband to Dame-Captain Balystia; Former Head of Merchant; Traitor to the Empire


After his arranged marriage with the daughter of Thornwood Dame-Captain Baroness Briar “Balystia” Thornwood, Sir Ulrich spent much of his time making a name for himself as the local head of the merchant guild in Easton. During his wife’s adventures and training, he used his title and success to amass no less than twenty mistresses and make extra gold on the side selling Imperial secrets to Krondor. Under-Duke Joseph found out about his treachery, and quickly had him executed. His only remains left is his left ear which is on display as a reminder at the under-duke’s estate. His land, estate, and treasury was left to his widow, and his fleet was sold to Dwarfman-Lobo Enterprises.

Sir Ulrich Van Der Mer

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