Ciara's sister


Ciara, Riona, Keitha, Brenna, and then there is me, I am Sheala, fifth born daughter, the middle of nine children (the younger ones are Grania, Enya, Myrna & Cayden). You could say I was born to be a diplomat with 8 siblings, and being the middle child. It certainly was good practice! I’m learning to hone that skill along with my other studies.

One of Ciara’s mage friends, her name was Gwen, sat down with me one evening when I begged to learn the cantrip dust devil. To both our utter surprise, I learned it, my first try. That was several years ago, through more of Ciara of Dunbar’s seemingly endless network of friends, I became an apprentice! I study in Ciara of Dunbar’s Keep, under the watchful eye of Sarah the Mage.

Study may not be the appropriate term, my study is on the field, my tests in battle.

Siblings: Ciara of Dunbar, Riona, Keitha, Brenna, Grania, Enya, Myrna & Cayden)


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