Baronette Ross

Keitha's Husband


Well, what seems lifetimes ago, I was a farmer, and mounted soldier. I was home starting the fall harvest with my family and neighbors when we were attacked by what we thought were brigands. We fought desperately, but it was a slaughter. They were too many, well trained, well equipped, and with a mage. I realized then, not brigands. A sword weilded by a dark armored man swooped in and took my legs, I saw his sword come down to take my head, but it never fell. An outside force had entered the melee, I took one final stab at the dark armored man as he turned to face this new foe. I’m told it hit, though I have no recollection, the world went dark. Later on, I came to under the care of the healer Darnic. He could not save my legs, family, or neighbors. I was the sole survivor, the “brigandes” had even slaughtered the animals. The ouside force that saved my life, was the Imperial Wrecking crew, before the Lady Ciara became a lady. The brigands were Baneites.

Let no man say the lady Ciara does not have a farmers heart. She insisted on staying to help with the harvest, refusing to go until it had been done. She said, “no man who has faught as valiantly as I saw you fighting should starve when surrounded by food”, she sheepishly added, ” I can’t bear to leave a harvest to rot.”

The entire Imperial Wrecking crew stayed for several weeks bringing in the harvest, and fitting a wheel barrow so I could move about. Most of that group knew nothing of farming it was slow going. During the first week, Ciara sent a messenger to her own family’s farm requesting a sibling come to assist & defend. Her sister Keitha rode in ten days after the massacre.

We have been nigh inseperable since. Together we figured out how to rig a saddle so I can ride. I never dreamed I’d be able to fight again, much less farm when I lost my legs, but I do. I was named Baronette not long after the massacre. The spring following it, Keitha and I wed. A year later, Ciara of Dunbar bought the duchy.

I have rejoined the ranks of the mounted troops for the duchy, now owned by my sister in law and savior Ciara. Keitha and I are responsible for her mounted troops.

Baronette Ross

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