Rod the Steward

Ciara's Steward


Son of the old steward he has stepped up to fill his fathers surcoat… literally, he still has some growing to do but he is quite capable of performing his fathers duties as steward of ciara’s lands.

His father was killed in a Krondorian attack before the war truly broke, Ciara returned from an imperial mission to find this youngling running things quite well, she chose to keep him as her steward but exacted a promise that he would continue his studies, Liad has provided young Rod with tutors.

Much to Rod’s credit, he has successfully implemented everything Ciara has asked of him and then some. It was Captain Yarps approval of the young man that solidified the Lady Ciara’s decision to keep him as her steward.

His mother is deathly ill, a long wasting illness, Ciara is doing everything in her power to help find a cure for her. *Note, Ciara found a way to cure his mother, thanks to help from Jierun.

Most recently, Rod has married into Ciara’s family by way of one of her younger sister. His wife Grania spent much time before the cure was found for his mother aiding her. Together, they run the daily matters at Ciaranseer while Ciara is away.

Rod the Steward

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