Dunbarrian Fighter of Ciara's duchy, also Ciara's sister


I am Riona of Dunbar, sister of Lady Ciara of Dunbar , forgive me its still hard to believe that Tempus has smiled on us so. Uncle Yarp and father trained me as they could, I can use a sword, and fight in a brawl, but I prefer a bow anyday, even in close quarter combat. Like my sister, I have adventured widely, but that my friends is a story for more peaceful times.

Given the war with Krondor, I was recently called to return to the duchy. I have returned home, to defend our homeland from the Krondorian scum that would take it.

Her siblings are Ciara of Dunbar, Keitha, Brenna, Sheala, Grania, Enya , Cayden , and Myrna

Nahtar: Are you hot?

Riona: Are you daft? It’s winter.


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