Lobo Der Volf

Lobo, demigod of the common foot soldier. Young yet Ancient warrior.


This is left blank for reasons of him being an NPC at the moment.


Lobo Der Vulf was born to the King Harken Der Vulf King of the Wolf kingdom (now the Wolfen Duchy). He was a younger son and tried to become a Paladin, deciding he was too smart to be Lawful Stupid, he left (also disgusted with the way the wealthy paladins acted towards the common foot soldiers) he joined the common soldiers using the skills he had learned in his young (14 years as a squire to paladins) He quickly rose through the ranks hiding his true heritage. When his brother was killed by a traitor, Lobo showed his more vicious nature when he hunted down the traitor, imprisoned him in a public cage and amputated his body one joint at a time every day starting with a toe then next day the next joint of toe and so on. He did this and had the man healed by non magical means but kept alive. He keep this man alive to this day (over 1000 years later thru magical means 3 walls are painted yearly with images of his brother and the others that died due to this traitor and the 4th is a clear wall that all can see with the writing around it, This is what happens to those who betray us! Every afternoon the man is beheaded then he is skinned alive. He is magically kept alive and regrown to full and the torture starts again until he gets to torso and head and is then beheaded skinned alive and it starts over He is also made to forget the pain until right before it happens so he can not get used to it.. His father joined his kingdom with the kingdom of Dunbar to help thwart the massive armies of the evil northern kingdom of Krondor. This made the kingdom a High Duchy and made Harken the Lord High Duke. Lobo was brought in and made the Heir apparent.
In one of his adventures he won a necklace of ill intent (3 foot radius) and a necklace of detect evil (3 yard radius), after being stabbed in the thigh by a Halfling realizing 3 ft isn’t enough he had the necklace put into a cod piece so that it would protect his entire 6 foot 2 inch frame. He had the other necklace of detect evil put into his breast plate. In both cases the stones are made to look like the eyes of a wolf.
By this time Lobo was well ensconced with the adventuring group named The Heroes of the Empire (usually just referred to as “those damned Heroes”) While he was respectful to the Paladin Meskalin (he even became a priest to Tempus himself for a few decades) and he liked the druid and the one mage Valleria enough, he got along with the half ogre Fald On quite well. He thought the moronic fighter Eldeith the Intrepid no better than goblin fodder and had a great distaste of the mage Liad due to the fact that he was strong enough to be a warrior but chose to use cowardly magic instead. (Liad beat him in an arm wrestling contest winning much gold and a few priceless items in public) This has led to a millennium and more of pranks and arguing as well as fighting between the two. The only thing that keeps them from destroying each other is their love of Dunbar, the Empire that they helped forge. They have sworn a Fel Blood Oath on their souls to protect it and its linage. He is a staunch friend of Oblivion one of the few who truly can call him a friend and in business with Dwarfman (Drawfman/Lobo Enterprises.)
Lobo still adventured often and was infused with wild magic while fighting in a campaign that was warring with gods and demons. This happened at a rate that infused his very core with this.
When his father passed he took the reigns of the Duchy and ruled well, however he was not happy not being in combat. Lucky after 28 years he had a nephew grow old enough to turn the control over to (read a bastard son) this tradition has continued thru the ages and while Lobo is still the Lord High Duke, a descendant (usually billed as a nephew and usually a recent bastard the Lobo trusts) becomes the Duke. (Current Duke is Jonathan) The Duchy also encompasses the land of the plains people whom Lobo greatly respects and allows them to control and run their land as they see fit only stepping in when absolutely necessary. It also contains the entire eastern and south eastern area (the eastern marshes) of the continent including the town of Easton where Balitia is the Baron.
He has a helm of power. His visor allows him to see in absolute darkness even magical darkness, he can see as far as the horizon as if it were 20 feet in front of him where ever he focuses. he hearing is not impaired in fact it is enhanced so he can hear a noise a mile away as if it were in his ear when he focuses.
His armor has a magic on it that anyone who touches him does shocking grasp on them as a 12th level mage. This includes anyone who tries to heal him, making it VERY difficult to do so. This and other powers drain his life, and while he has a god like lifespan of immortality he can be discharged and when that happens he needs to be charged by taking others life forces in part.
When out of his armor Lobo is covered by a neatherweave which covers as much or as little as he wants or requires.
Lobo’s cloak was a cloak of the beast that Lobo conquered and wears and has a flow that protects him and is immune to most spells and all damage.
Lobo fought in the god wars with some of the other Heroes, He fought at the side of Tempus gaining him as a friend and confidant. He also amassed some power and many followers due to his love and respect of the common foot soldiers. Having many thousands of followers on Oerth as well as many other worlds, he is a demi-god on a few worlds. Some more powerful than others. He downplays this and refuses to allow his followers to bow and scrape before him, he requires them to look him in the eyes. His symbol is a wolf on a shield of red and he falls in the Forgotten Realms Pantheon behind his friend Tempus.

Currently Lobo is doing his part in the war with Takhisis and the evil gods aiding her. Rumor has it he has started up a romantic relationship with a warrior woman that he truly respects and has openly said can match him blow for blow and come out on top.

Lobo Der Volf

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