Liad Ruo

God like High Arch Mage who due to the infusion of wild magic several times in his life has lived for over 1000 years. Now head advisor to the empire of Dunbar and doles out quests to The Imperial Wrecking crew.


Liad is a spell crafter and he spends much of his time weaving the threads of the lives of his minions including the entire Empire of Dunbar and the Imperial Wrecking Crew.


Liad was a cabinetmaker’s apprentice who was strong and not too dumb. He dreamed of being a mage and worked hard to become one. A slow learner but once he learned it he kept it, he is now a very powerful mage who is a demigod and spends much of his time in the abyss and in the aether spell jamming.

Liad Ruo

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