Ciara of Dunbar

Lawful Good is in the eye of the beholder


5’5" heavily muscled, short brown hair (usually tied back), green eyes. Most often seen wearing studded leather armor with bug bear claw fringe over mithrail, with her dwarven hard hat. (Physically think a combination of Brienne of Tarth w/ more of Arya’s facial structure and coloring)
(think similar to this, but more muscled ), and heavy riding boots

Dressed very practically, no regard for fashion (unless others step in). After a paladin stole all of her clothes in a poorly planned attempt to get her to dress more befitting a Duchess, the bard, Roy, stepped in to find common ground, and started a new fashion trend. Her court attire is a gown with a skirt slit to the hips front back and sides for movement with tight fitting leather trousers underneath. The skirt “petals” can be tied over the pants or tucked into the boots for fighting ease. This has become quite fashionable amongst the courts.

Strong like ox, not the brightest spark in the sky, but incredibly stubborn

original stats:
STR: 17

Weilds “Precious” – Reformed Sword of Bane (bastard sword)almost exclusively, she is famous for fighting with a pitchfork, and has also been spotted with an ironwood crossbow, and a striped club.
best example of bastard sword:—files/greatswords/bastard-sword-onhand-large.jpg

Others Impressions of Ciara

Faults: Compulsively honest, with a bad temper if roused


Ciara a sweet and trusting soul, grew up the the daughter of a dirt poor retired mercenary (his career ended with the loss of a leg). The family’s status was little better than the orcish slaves they laboured alongside.

Lawfully good minded Ciara grew up playing with orcs, and has left her with a slightly skewed version of lawful good. She played and worked alongside the orcs, befriending them, her beloved General Yarp, Captain of the guard was one of orcs, he taught her how to fight, self defense for a human child playing amongst orcs. Eldest child in a large family of 9 children, she left home to make them a better life after her mothers death. With her fathers sword in hand, she set off on foot becoming a camp follower for the first mercenaries she came across.

Several years past, she gained a horse she named Generic, and met up with some fellow adventurers. This group of adventurers was bizarredly enough almost entirely female and mainly elven, the sole exception was Gregor the Half Ogre, Imperial Wrecking crew formed. The god Tempest has smiled down upon her and the group, she succeeded in her goal to protect her family, she bought a duchy on the advice of the Great Liad Ruo . She is now a lady at least in name, her manners and eating habits leave much to be desired.

She holds alliances and trade agreements with the Plainsfolk to the East, Elves to the Northeast, Dwarves to the North,the Orcs to the North, and neighboring duchy to the west.

She holds alliances (or at least agreements) with a cave of [[:Mist Dragons]] to the North, and a Griffin to the West and North. She has granted a druid and former travelling companion permission to reforest a grove on her land in the NorthEastern area in exchange for oversight to keep her natural resources in check (forestation, farming, fishing).

She ended slavery in her duchy, doing so earned her the fanatical loyalty of her people, it also consequently stopped the orcish raiding problem. Her keep was built from stones hauled in by orcs swearing fealty to her. The fortress was designed by Dwarves, Orcs, Elves, and Humans (including Liad) and includes a Temple of Tempus.

Krondor is at war the empire of Dunbar, upon which Ciara’s duchy sits. Through her actions against Krondor, and her peoples heroic defense of their lands Krondor has her high on the list of targets. After one of her missions Ciara came back astride Content Not Found: baladirwarhorse_. Her beloved Generic Horse, and krondorian warhorse were retired to a place of honor in the stables upon her return with _Content Not Found: baladirwarhorse .

Despite all her accomplishments, the lady is- still quite illiterate.- Correction, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Bard Roy O’Bannon, with an assist from the God Tempus, Ciara can now read.

She is one of the few remaining actively adventuring members of the Imperial Wrecking Crew. The lady has had the privilege of meeting the God Gond, who offered to do something for each of the current party, all others chose things for themselves, Ciara asked for something to help the Duchy, Gond bemused by her request, granted it. Because of this request, all scales in her land are now accurate, and cannot be cheated.

Her siblings are Riona , Keitha, Brenna, Sheala, Grania, Enya , Cayden , and Myrna

Her castle and capital town has been dubbed CiaranSeere, ciara and ciaran are derivatives of Ciar meaning black and war, seere is of light and peace.

CiaranSeere is now known as one of the fiercest guarded places in all of the continent everyone is trained to defend the land. Her warhorses (from Baladir’s line) are highly sought after, as are her Wolfhounds (introduced first as a gift from Lord Lobo), her land supplies a good portion of the kingdoms grain.

Ciara of Dunbar

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