Ciara's sister


Greetings, I’m Keitha, another of Ciara of Dunbar’s many sisters. I’m the third in line of birth, and three years Ciara of Dunbar’s Junior. Riona is a year older than I. Like my older sisters, I too am a warrior. Courtesy of my sisters Riona and Ciara of Dunbar, I have recieved an education in addition to weapons training and working the farm. Uncle Yarp and father of course saw to it that we could hold our own in a fight. I’m fair with a sword, but most lethal on horseback wielding a pitchfork, I prefer to work with units. I fight for my sister Ciara of Dunbar, alongside my husband,Baronette Ross. Together we are responsible for her mounted troops.

As for how I met my husband, my sister Ciara gets credit for that one.

Siblings: Ciara of Dunbar, Riona, Brenna, Sheala, Grania, Enya , Cayden , and Myrna


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