Karl Fischer

Amnesiatic Cleric Sailor


Karl Fischer

Once a pirate and scourge of the seas of multiple planets. Now he is a man without a past, having woken up on a dinghy with another sailor, no memories, and a deep devotion to Koryn, god of the Seas. After being rescued by the Imperial Wrecking Crew, he has crossed oceans, lakes, and worlds of ice, eaten a great many delicious foods, died more times than he cares to remember, become a dragon rider, eaten the heart of an ice reaver warrior shaman, become one with his dragon in a very literal sense, and been bestowed the Barony of the Lake by the Empire for his many deeds of valor and honor in service of the Wrecking Crew.

Karl’s Keep is a massive stone ship within one of the largest lakes in the Empire where he sails and fishes. He has recently acquired, much to the initial distaste of most of the castle staff, a contingent of Kobolds to whip into being proper sailors and shipwrights. No matter how good they get though, Karl will never teach them his secret fish cookie recipe.

Above all else, Karl wants to fish, and will slip out of the castle to fish the rivers and streams around his lake in the guise of an old man.


Karl has no memories preceding waking up in a dinghy with a remarkably disgusting sword and an equally amnesiatic fellow sailor (and subsequently being picked up by the IPC & Associates).

He is a fine sailor, a cleric with a cutlass, and an excellent chef, best known for his fish cookies.

Adventures out of a sense of duty to those who rescued him, but really wants nothing more than to sail the oceans and go fishing.


Karl Fischer

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