Gregor Von Strašen

Half-Ogre barbarian nobleman, Guardian of Dunbar, and exaltor of Tempus


STR: Very high
Dex: Modestly high, combat bonus to very high
Int: not high at all.
Wis: equally not impressive
Con: disturbingly high
Cha: low and high, hinges upon the public at large knowing who he is

AC: hovers somewhere near 1

What others think of Gregor: [[Gregor]] Weapons:
Great Ax 1d12 +1 +2, Cannot be broken, initial weapon
Hammer of Tempus 1d12 +2 +4, Can cause earthquakes 2x a day, holy artifact. Was found in a box in the stronghold of Bhob.
Thunder Clap forgot, Does 6d10 damage to anything within 5 yards of the user when activated. Won it in a bet.
Nim-Num 2d8 +3 +3, doubles movement speed, reformed sword of bane
Yum-Yum 2d8 +3 +3, doubles movement speed, reformed sword of bane
Short Swords 1d6, kept on bandoleer for easy throwing
Chain Flail 2d4 damage +0+2, worn on the neck like a pimpchain
Dwarven Battle Ax 1d8, Made by the dwarves who are known for making the goods
Spear 1d8 +0 +1, spear that is entirely mundane
Sling used to hurl items, unusually large
Ranseur 2d4 +0+1, generic pole-arm
Thiclen Blade Boomerang taken from the corpse of a thiclen warrior, unknown
properties Meat Cleaver 1d8, good for preparing meals, cleaving skulls
long bow generic longbow
spider fang 1d6 +0 -1 Harvested from a genuine Giant Spider!
Adamantite Disks super super strong metal disks, approx the size of a buckler
Swanky Chaluka 1d6 +0 +2, per end, has a chain
Gypsey Throwing Knife 1d6 +1+1, made by shifty gypsies to shift ribs
Triple Crossbow Shoots 3 bolts at once, straight or at 45* angles
Short Spear 1d6, its a stick with a knife on the end
Mace 1d8, unimpressive but solid
Iron Bound Ogre Club felt painful when on the receiving end, unknown stats
Silver Sword (Gith) 3d12 + 2d6, ignites with life force when used to attack
Extend-o-Flail™ 4d6 footman’s flail, expands to 30’ to ensnare on command
Krondorian great ax 2d20, appraised at 920gp kinda crap
Dwarven Throwing Hammer 1d6 +3 +3, hammer made by the dwarves to hit things at distance
Ax of Hurling 2d6 +5 +0, magic ax
good spear 2d8 +4+2, really effing good spear!
Heavy Horse Lance unknown properties, acquired from dead krondorian knight
Kukri Sword unknown properties, the slave Dar has one too!


Born after a kinky kinky Duke Strosso Von Strašen made love to his ogre mistress and forgot to pull out. His early days were spent with a tribe of mountain dwarves close to the border of Kalaria, where the water is fantastic. He grew strong in the barbaric ways in the dwarven hills but was taken from the fun and frivolity of decapitating goblins with his bare hands when he reached the early teens.

Strosso Von Strašen felt he needed ALL (both) of his heirs ready to lead in case he fell to one of the myriad of plot devices that tends to befall family members of player characters so set to teaching young Gregor how to interact as a nobleman. This was hit and miss as he forgot that proper imprinting should have been done from birth so Gregor’s Sister Francesca was defaulted to Heir Apparent while Gregor was put in charge of the security forces of the Dukedom.

When an adventuring party came to town to deal with a goblin infestation Gregor was sent out to aid them, as was his duty as head of security. He has since wandered all about for the “greater good” of Dunbar, and to spread the Awesome of Tempus all over the hills, trees, rocks, innocent bystanders, livestock, and cave walls.

A Devout follower of the God Tempus he does everything within his power to stamp out evil in an impressive display of Holy Violence.

Once he cast fireball while pretending to cast fireball while pretending to be a rat shaman, he feels this was punishment for pretending to be a lowly rat shaman instead of a respectable pantomime.

Gregor Von Strašen

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