Ciara's sister


I’m Ciara of Dunbar’s little sister Grania, nine years her junior. She left home when I was about 5 summers old. As with all our siblings, she has insisted on the finest education for each of us, this includes General Yarp, Captain of the guardand Fathers infamous fight training.

Most recently, I have been learning herbalism and aiding the keeps healer in various duties. I love being able to help others. I wish I could do more for Rod the Steward’s mother, but at least I can help the healer make her more comfortable, and when she is more comfortable, Rod the Steward is happier.

Update: Rod’s mother was cured by something Ciara and Jierun brought back from their adventures. Since then, Rod turned his attention to courting the Lady Grania, and has since wed her. Together they are responsible for the day to day duties of running the Ciaranseer Duchy.

Ciara of Dunbar, Riona , Keitha, Brenna, Sheala, Enya , Cayden , and Myrna


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