General Dar

General / Gladiator / Demon-Cowing Bad-Ass


6’2, 225lbs

12th 11th Level Fighter

Str: 17
Dex: 16
Con: 18 17
Int: 13
Wis: 14
Cha: 11

AC: -5 (Dragon Scale Armour)
-7 with Anti-Fire Kite Shield (50% fire Damage, +3 save vs. Breath Weapon: Fire)
-9 Dragon Scale Cloak (Only effective to back) (1/2 Damage: Fire, Lightning, Acid)

Dar is powerfully built and hard bodied from a lifetime of training and combat. Scars head to toe, from weapons, teeth, and most recently, heavy scarring from draconic acid. His (her) boots have spurs within which a Demon lays in wait, biding its time to attempt to escape and defeat the human who cowed it on its home turf.


Born a minor noble, Dar quickly rose through the military ranks. During the War with Krondor, he and many of his men were ambushed and captured in the face of overwhelming odds. Those that survived were thrown into slavery, and the truly unlucky were thrown to the Gladiator pits. Dar fought well, and began to build a following among the populace, which lead to his owners putting him up for sale to avoid an influential slave possibly (most definitely) leading a revolt.

At the auction, quite by chance, he was bought by a travelling minstrel, who turned out to none other than Roy O’Bannon, and several of the Imperial Wrecking Crew and associates. Roy gave Dar his freedom.

After much travelling with the IPC and associates, he has come to appreciate Roy’s tactical genious, Gregor’s mind-boggling brute force, Bally’s skill as a warrior and a healer, Ciarra’s fierce loyalty to her compatriots, Znamarel’s fighting spirit and Dragon-Back capability, and Karl’s fish cookies.

Carries a Long Dagger made from a ThriKreen’s blade/arm, a trophy from a dishonorable loser in Dar’s most recent return to the gladiatorial arena. It is worn prominently across the breast plate of his armour.

Holds the current record for using Lord Gregor Van Strassen as a missle weapon in combat.

Rides Goliath, an ancient Silver Dragon.

Due to recent events that may involved cowing a demon on its home turf, copious ammounts of Chaos magic, and an unfortunately aimed Dispell, Dar is now a woman.

He’s not quite certain how he feels about this, and is mostly just happy his armour still fits.

The god Tempus has seen fit to personally return Dar to his male body as they crossed over to Ravenloft.

General Dar

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