Dame-Captain Baroness Briar "Balystia" Thornwood

Holy Paladin of Tempus


Balystia or “Bally” is the group’s holy vending machine.


Official Title: Baroness Dame-Captain Briar Balystia Thornwood of Easton
Balystia was born to the lesser noble family of Thornwood in the port town of Easton. Her parents, Lord Sebastian and Lady Gertrude, were strict, conservative nobility that understood that their daughter was their only succession, and their only way out of debt. Balystia was married off at a young age to the wealthy young merchant, Ulrich Van Der Mer. Her dowry gave him the family name, and their union kept away bankruptcy for the family. She, thereby, saw him as the foundation of her estate, and looked at her vows with the same loyal fervor she did her faith. This passion for her faith, and her strong frame, was noticed by her dear godfather, Sir Kay, who convinced her husband to allow her into the Tempustian order. This was easily done, as this meant the now Sir Ulrich was allowed to pursue his fancies with his mistresses. Balystia’s only other solace besides her godfather and Paladin training was her dear friend, and fellow adventurer, Onyxia.

Currently widowed. Balystia works with the remaining members of the Imperial Wrecking Crew to rid Thakisis (sp?) reign of terror accross the realms.

Over the last year, the Paladin has fallen to fancy the High Inquisitor, an avatar of Tempus. Although she would never admit this to Onyxia.

Dame-Captain Baroness Briar "Balystia" Thornwood

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