Ciara's sister


Forgive my abruptness, tis well past meal time for my raven Eromreven, I brought him home from my wanderings not long after Ciara of Dunbar left home. He had a broken wing, it healed well, but I fear I spoilt him. That was years ago… ahh where was I? Oh yes!

Brenna, my name is Brenna, I am the fourth daughter, 5 years Ciara of Dunbar‘s junior. I’m a ranger, currently off adventuring much as my elder sisters have. My goal is to come back alive, and more skilled should the duchy ever need to be defended again. Like all my siblings, I can hold my own in a fight, General Yarp, Captain of the guard and father made sure of it.

Ciara, Riona , Keitha, Sheala, Grania, Enya , Cayden , and Myrna


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