Alazar Ver Ratte

Known as 'The Grey one" He is a Warrior of great note and a Mage of some talents. He is also hated and death cursed by the gypsies. Oh and did i mention he is a werewolf kinda.


He has an astounding strength and aglity due to his special circumstances. And he uses a wooden sword hand and a half or bastard sword as well as a wooden crossbow that is made entirely of wood. He has a an ethereal cloak that basically changes him into an ethereal or astral ghost like form that hurts him durring his useage of it but he is invisible and may pass wihtout trace and thru objects as if he were intangible. However the longer he is ethereal he risks death and worse. he rides a grey charger medium war horse who was a gift from his mother and father upon joining the Order. It is used to his Wolfyness and also Is a great fighter in his own right, the chargers name is of course Wolf.


The product of a tryst between the 2nd daughter of an elven king and the 2nd son of the emporer of Dunbar. He was raised in early youth as a mage with minmal weaponry training as due an elven bastard (tho he was belived by him mother and even his grandfather). He was sent to his fathers people to learn thier ways he was on a trip to the countryside with some other castle (fo lack of a better word fops) when he and they in a drunken glee harassed some gypsies. They were trounced and as he had been an instigator, he was cursed to be a werewolf he slaughtered his drinking companions and a few gypsies to boot. When he awoke and saw what he had done he was grief stricken. His father sent him to his mothers people hoping they could cure him. They could not cure him but they could help him in controling most of his urges nd restrain him when he couldnt. They found the only way to truly cure him is if he were to kill the gypsies who cursed him (as he was cursed by multiple gypsies at the same time) that would cure him if done properly.
Realizing that his magic training would never be fast enough to do the job so he went to the high elven wepon master and begged to be trained. As he was well liked and his mother was well loved the wepon master trained him. He excelled, using his newfound strength and agility excellently. He was gifted with special weapons A wooden sword that is in truth a holy avenger and a the same time an unholy filter. It would flow the anger and unholy aspect of his werewolf being at his enemies. He chose to learn crossbow instead of bow because his father prefered the crossbow. He was gifted with an all wooden crossbow that would also funnel his unholy aspect as well thru the bolts. In using his weapons he would cleanse himself of the evil. He can use any weapons but he chooses to use these as a penance and to help rid him of his evil baser tendancies.
He set out with several friends of the murderered men and hunted down the gypsy clan that cursed him. In doing so he slaughtered many thousands of gypsies on all three continents. he succeeded in killing the primary gypsy that cursed him but that was not enough so he had to slaughter the entire clan. Or nearly enough all of them. He was death cursed by nearly all gypsy clans however they also realized that he was powerfull enough thru his parents and his current state that it is held off at the abrupt insistance of Liad, Lobo, and Kilian Salvatore Falkinian.
Alazar is cured (mostly) he now only wolfs out when he drops to zero health, Or when he is under much duress and pain. He still retains much his strength and his agility granted by his alter ego as it were. he also has ana amazing sense of smell and hearing and oddly enough his eyesite is enhanced as well.
He made the realization of his crimes agaisnt the gypsies and in seeking to atone and due to his unique perantage he was placed in ‘The Order Of The Arches’ he has risen to ranks and a staunch defender of peace and as a man not ot be trifled with. In his 300 years of life he has held a sword to the throats of a dunbarian emperors younger son bent on war and also an elven prince who tried to oust dwarves and halflings from thier land.
He is much feared and much respected. He is known as the grey one due to his dusty grey leather armour and his cloak. His eyes are an icy blue grey and his hair is an ashen color. t also is his mood most often. He has traveled wiht the EWC and respects them all for thier unique way of dealing with the issues that confront them.

Alazar Ver Ratte

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