The Imperial Wrecking Crew

The Log Book of Captain Karl Fischer

This is an interesting realm. Full of danger, monsters, and monsterous people, and an overwhelming miasma of evil.

Good thing I’m no Paladin.

I have finally had occasion to let loose a bit in combat. We worked to defend the town we rested in from a nightly attack by the denizens of the mist, and I brought down a taste of true Chaos to the monsters below. It felt… Good. I don’t particularly like this realm, but the chaos that permeates is surprisingly comfortable, in much the same way as a stormy sea.

All the same, I feel our time here is coming to an end, and I miss my boat. I will ride the tides of fate as the winds that blow will allow, but I will do my best to tack my way back home all the same.



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