The Imperial Wrecking Crew

The Hell we are fighting. Happenings

THings going on that affect Oerth and all campaigns.

Jonathan the Emperor’s brother and an Inquisitor, apparently, falsely soul shredded someone. This can happen if they do not fully Inquire (or perform an inquisition) on a subject. When an inquisitor performs an inquisition, they can see all crimes the suspect has committed, down to any and all crimes and wrong doings to the soul. Once this is done, if they suspect is deemed to have committed grievous wrongs, the Inquisitor can then take their very life essence into themselves and shred their very soul. This means the subject can not be resurrected, and they do not even go to the Abyss. It is as if they never existed. The Inquisitor retains their essence until they have been cleansed. (this is a secret process and can not be discussed here) But they retain a bit of the essence which boosts their own abilities and powers.

If an Inquisitor shreds a suspects soul and the subject has not committed crimes worthy of it, the Inquisitor risks their own soul in turn. Add to that, they risk the revenge of all those they have shredded, by the bit of essence they have retained. This can not only kill the Inquisitor, but shred their own souls as well. It can allow the bits of essence to form into one, or many entities using parts of the Inquisitors soul. There are other issues that can happen, not to be listed here.

This most often happens when they shred a soul without an Inquisition. Often in the heat of battle. Or with an extremely rare fit of rage. As Inquisitors are conditioned to not fall victim to their baser negative emotions, especially in battle.

It appears that when Jonathan was brought through the veil, that he had wrongfully shredded a soul. He was quickly taken to the city of Olympia. His health and current condition is unknown.



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