The Imperial Wrecking Crew

Ravenloft: Report 01

Dar hasn't spoken in awhile

After Action: Pandera

Have defeated the World Dragon of this realm. No casualties in our party. Good news that we do not have to deal with the rebuilding of the infrastructure here. Greggor and Deidra are staying in this realm to guide the new belief in Tempus who had no strength here before. Onyxia is being recalled for additional training under Liad.

Tempus has given those that remain gifts as we transfer to the next realm. It is… Good to be back in my own skin.

Initial Report: Ravenloft

Passed through portal and have been met by the contact. Dragons have taken form of horses to allow unnoticed travel, unknown how long this will last. Escorted through the Mist to a safe location controlled by the Lord of the land, an ally vampire who is married to our Contact. Have visited nearby town to gain intelligence on weapons of the land and area knowledge.

Troop Status:

Ballystia: Morale is low since her close friend has stayed behind with Greggor, as well as the Evil and Chaos that ooze from every sense of this realm. Getting back to military habits and discipline should help, smiting the evil would help more, but would also likely make us all dead.

Ciarra: Appears to be a little lost without being directly charged with protecting Greggor, but otherwise is fully combat effective.

Roy: Is invincible. He says so himself.

Karl: Seems more at home in the Chaos of this realm than most, and his bond with his Dragon is unnerving on occasion. No recommendations at this time.

Znamerel: Seems largely unphased by the evil or the chaos. Assigned to help protect the Paladin

Werewolves – High: Bites infectious. Immune to or heal quickly from most damage. Use of Silver and Fire strongly suggested.

Vampires – High: Possibly infectious? Immune to some damage. Silver, wood, and fire strongly suggested.

Wendigo – Moderate? – Unknown threat, further assessment required.

Dragons – High: Breath weapons, magic, and riders are all forces to be reckoned with.

Vampire Lords – Extreme: Very, very powerful mages / vampires with their own private armies and large territories. Exercise extreme caution, do not engage if possible to avoid.

The Mist – High?: Unknown effects, possible transport to unknown worlds. Strong Chaos field. Impairs vision, raises risk of ambush.

Demons – Low to moderate: Demons may be hunting me.

Gear Assessment: Have obtained new weapon, a cutting fist blade imbued and engineered directly to combat the major threats of the realm.

Mission Assessment:
Time Constraint: Mission requires readiness at any moment as Dragon Gate appearance is sporadic and multiple forces have an interest. Lawful Good companions add challenges that have been handled to a degree. As long as we follow the rules of this world and not give away our presence until it is too late to react effectively to us, I believe we have a high chance for success.

The longer we wait on high alert, the slower we will be capable of responding. Free time should be spent training or attempting rest and relaxation to maintain maximum combat effectiveness.

And with Greggor occupied, we might even be able to use tactics for once.



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