The Imperial Wrecking Crew

Karl's Thoughts

I have been to many worlds now, and while many of them I would very much like to visit again. There’s been some thrillingly stormy seas, we’ve been tossed on the winds of fate and blown off course, and yet, battered and bruised, we’ve found safe harbor. I could’ve done without the vortex at the gate, but… Eh. You go where the winds take you.

The bitchqueen has been pushed back, and she’s finally out of my heads. Bloody fuckin’ hell that was annoying. I’ve had a headache ever since we got stuck in that thrice bedamned cave. You know what it’s like having a buzzing in your head you can almost not hear? For two. Weeks. It didn’t ever go away. Ugh. Just the worst. Now that she’s gone, so is the noise. It’s nice to have some peace and quiet again.

Lord Dar, Lady Ciarra, and O’Banyon put together a good plan, I doubt we’d have all survived as we did had it not been for their efforts. Credit where it’s due. The idea I didn’t share of using the Briney Depths to flood the floor of the arena would’ve been fun had I been allowed to do it, but I figured it wouldn’t have worked and I may have lost my favorite sword, so… Instead I actually acted like a cleric this battle. K’Sellis and I stayed back on the tower, where we could see the field of battle and heal and restore as necessary. Also where my innate healing wouldn’t be able to effect our foe. Honestly, I can’t believe Captain Ross survived on just a flying horse.

I think, in honor of his promotion, I’m going to buy that man a hat. He IS a captain now, after all.

On battle, I have come to realize that becoming a cleric has softened me as a warrior. Never have I been at a level where I could keep up with Dar, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to land a blow against nearly any foe short of raining chaos and dragon’s breath upon them. I’m going to hope Olympia has a shop for magic items and that I may find a ring or necklace or something that will give me back some of my old skill.

And possibly have them disenchant my belt buckle. This whole glowing nonsense is almost enough for me to just cast darkness on myself. I’d be able to see, but it might…. Worry others.

Hmm… I don’t really have much else to say right now. We’re close to Olympia, and though I know it’s my imagination, I can smell the water of this world, and it smells like home more than anything else I’ve ever found. It may be some time before we return to our ship, but for now just being close to the waterways of my home will be enough to satisfy me. I never really realized how much this empire and this world had become home in the short time I’ve been apart of it, but returning after all these years, after this war we’ve been fighting?

We’re pulling into port. The storm is over, until the next. And I do believe the General is buying the first round.

ADDENDUM: Apparently I have kobolds who worship me. I haven’t even had a drink yet, I’m not drunk. What? brb gettingdrunknow.



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