The Imperial Wrecking Crew

Karl's Private Log

Since waking up in a dinghy all those years ago, I have been killed at least twice, accidentally killed myself once, hunted and killed our enemies without mercy, and even eaten the heart of a fallen foe. I have sailed oceans that brought me closer to my god, and trod deserts where I felt no further from him. I have fished, cooked, healed, sailed, hiked, bled, and sweat for my friends, my country, and the gods who guide us along our path. I have seen Temples raised to friendly gods, and destroyed temples of the evil ones.

I ride a dragon, K’Sellis, and we have been at each other’s sides even through the veil of death and back. Truth to tell, it is hard to tell where one of us begins and the other ends.

Perhaps, if we ever return to Oerth, we shall explore the seas and oceans. We look forward to a time when we again can spend our afternoons with our feet in the water and fish on our line.



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