The Imperial Wrecking Crew

Another letter home

This world is so dark, the sun never shines. Missing home and everyone a lot. Kinda neat, got to see Gwen again, she seems to like this odd place. It even smells weird here. Gregor stayed behind at the last realm we visited. Odd, when I travelled with him, I was always on the edge of battle, without the honor to guard him, I am always on edge. Dar, Roy, and Znomerial all believe in tactics, I get the value, but it still seems weird not just flying into a fight. With Gregor gone, I wonder who we are now, I mean folks called us Imperial Wrecking Crew, but I am the only one from the crew still on the quest.

How are things? I miss everyone so much. Please let them know I’m not dead yet, and am looking forward to an army of crushing hugs, hoping the hounds still recognize me, Who is off adventuring these days? How is Uncle Yarp? My sisters, my brother? The nieces and nephews? Hope my feet find their way home soon.

Much love,



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